Drop a hint
that’s easy
to read.

Consensual Greetings is easy reading for those who struggle to understand complicated concepts like “no”, and are mystified when a woman recoils from an unwanted touch.

They’re simple, clear messages that echo the ones your body, face, and voice have probably already said at least a thousand times.

Messages that were either ignored or misinterpreted because we women are so very “hard to read.”

Message received.

Consensual Greetings will send your card(s) to you. Then it’s up to you determine the best way to deliver the message. You could...

...mail it anonymously and make your harassentine think it’s from a secret admirer.

...hand it out with the status sheet in your morning meeting.

...leave it on your harassentine’s desk then circle back later to discuss.

...post it up near your desk as deterrent to anyone thinking about trying you. 

Do what makes you feel comfortable.

First Shipment: Feburary 8th
Second Shipment: Feburary 11th

Send a clear message of support.

Consensual Greetings was
created to give women another
way to stand up for themselves,
while standing up for other
women, too.

That’s why a portion of
every card’s proceeds—what
remains after production
costs—will go to Time’s Up
Legal Defense Fund.*

*Consensual Greetings is
not affliated with Time’s Up
or its Legal Defense Fund.