“The Mystery of the Missing Ticket” $1,000,000 Premiere Scratch-Off Second-Chance Activation
To promote the New York Lottery’s $1,000,000 Premiere Scratch-Off ticket, another team decided to create a fake, murder-mystery, “Knives Out”-style, movie trailer to promote it. So, when they needed a social extension for their campaign, we thought what anyone would think when they hear about a case that needs solving. “This needs a true crime podcast.”

Thus, we created “The Mystery of the Missing Ticket”. An unsolved mystery podcast created to help New York Lottery fans figure out who took the $1,000,000 Premiere ticket in the commercial for a chance to win a New York Lottery Prize Pack.

My Roles
Concept Development, Copywriting, Resident Podcast Expert

To help New York Lottery fans collect and connect the clues, we shared additional information about the characters on our social media channels.  

The podcast was released on our social media channels and Spotify. In the series, our fake, true-crime hosts shared interviews with the family, consulted a chandelier expert, and revealed their own theories. To enter to win, all fans had to do is leave their best guess in the comments. (A few episodes were co-written by Angus Robertson.)

After a week of daily episode drops, we finally revealed whodunnit on our social channels and announced a winner.

While the podcast lived for a very limited time, we still promoted it like a real podcast launch through OOH and online media.