Sketch Comedy

Because, well, I think I’m funny.  🤷🏾‍♀️

Almost Roomies Productions 

Comedic productions by me and a former potential Craiglist roommate who turned me down for someone else.

Santa comes to terms with the lack of diversity in his workshop and grapples with how to do better.

We’re Not Friends 

The Georgia O’Queefs of the comedic vagina

We’re Not Friends was an all-female, indie, sketch comedy team based in NYC. Founded after our first show with Magnet Theater’s 2017 Lady Sketch Lab, we developed a brash, crass, and surreal approach to sketch comedy. Nothing was off limits for us. Not even our delicate, child-bearing flowers. 

It was a short-lived stint that ended after a year and a half. But, we did get selected to perform at Sketchfest 2018. So, yea, that was fun.

Writing Samples

A collection of not-safe-for-work works

A physican suggests castration as a viable form of birth control to an extremely fertile couple.

God’s Day of Rest
God tries to take a vacation for the first time in 4.5 billion years but can’t get out the office.

What a Woman Wants*
A commerical parody that suggests the best gift for any woman is equality.

Gone Girl Scout Cookies*
A trailer praody that follows one Troop Leader’s quest to figure out—once and for all—who stole the cookies from the cookie jar.

A trailer parody where bad spelling kills.

(* = Request access to view. These are still looking for a production home.) 

Comedy Training

Clown school without the big red noses

I started taking comedy classes becasue male creatives who continiously questioned my female funny bone left one salty-ass chip on my shoulder. I kept taking them because I geniuely enjoy making people laugh—and the chip on my shoulder. (I’m pretty sure it’s salt and vinegar.)

Upright Citizens Brigade
Improv 101, 201
Sketch 101, 201, 301

The People’s Improv Theater
Improv 100, 200
Sketch 100, 200

The Magnet Theater
Lady Sketch Lab