Women working together
to help other women.

This project was only possible through the power of a female networking and collaboration. Be warned. This is about to read like an Oscars’ acceptance speech. But, unfortunately for you, there’s no music to cut me off. So here I go. *Long Inhale*

Janet, Kassandra’s Mom, for initially suggesting Time’s Up.

Nicole, for doing your Creative Director thing and kindly suggesting I reach out to illustrators while still supporting my attempts to be one—and for connecting me to your friend Kat.

Kat, Head of Illustration at Synder New York, for seeing the potential in the project and quickly connecting me with Laurène and Jill.

Laurène, for agreeing to donate your time to the cause even though you were in a different time zone, country, and continent.

Jill, for agreeing to donate your time to the cause with a massive time crunch after your time away.

Becky, owner of Novel Objects, for always being a supportive friend and some dope product shots.

All the women, and men, who took the time out of their day to give me feedback on the project—what they were liking, hating, and just “meh” about.

Special shout out to the allies who take this issue as seriously as women do.

Jordan, Kassandra’s kid bro, for sitting around the dining room table drawing up initial thoughts and brainstorming—even though he had already had plans.  

Sam, for being a friend, sounding board, one of the fastest pixel-pushers I know, and someone who always comes through in a pinch.

*Cue Stage Music*